The Burden Is So Heavy​.​.​.

by Marble Chariot

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First Ep The Burden Is So Heavy (Sold out)


released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Marble Chariot Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Orphans of doom
Irradiant black sun is burning my pale skin
Brother of steel forgive me for I have sinned
Indescent of my soul winds are blowing away
choked by my feelings reclaim out for revenge

Remembering our laughter on diseased playgrounds
Acting like superheroes but falling down

Curse the blood, deny his soul
Will you try till the end of life
Breaking down these dirty chains
Can you see your bloody hands
Track Name: The wandering soul
Some nights I hear these voices
The thrills are in my head
She is sleeping now, here in my bed
And next to her my mind is leaving
And next to her I'm going insane
Salvation lies somewhere in my soul
I can't leave my liquid idols
God pulled that gun in my hand

Sometimes I just can't hearing you
Telling me I need help
Slowly kill my head die my will
My own living hell made by my hand

Come to me you're leaving this world

If your leaving your son to blame
Come in my world

Livin, twisted, hoping, feeling, sweepin'
Track Name: For long lost friends
I woke up today hoping so badly again
Nightmares would died away in the very end
Feeling so miserable for beeing what I am
With sadness and alcool I could kill you my friend

A stupid fool with no one feeling for you
The only thing you see is regret for tomorrow
I'm drunk now baby, a fucking beast is what i am
An ugly pig face pucking around your bed

one by one...